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Day: June 21, 2022

Before you get started with auto detailing, you should know a few things. What is the difference between auto detailing and a simple car wash? How much does auto detailing cost? What are the safety precautions to keep in mind during the process? And what about those customers who are incredibly picky? Read on to find out more! Also, consider reading our article on the benefits of auto detailing. You’ll be glad you read it!

Auto Detailing is more thorough.

Auto Detailing involves comprehensively cleaning your car. The work done is more extensive than your standard wash and includes shampooing and vacuuming the interior and scrubbing and conditioning leather work. The vinyl, plastics, and other vehicle surfaces are also cleaned and dressed. Whether looking for a quick fix or a thorough cleaning, auto detailing is a worthwhile investment. Professional detailers use proven systems and cleaning agents to remove all visible and invisible contamination from your car’s interior.

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Cost of auto detailing

The cost of auto detailing varies from location to vehicle and depends on the type and size of your vehicle. Additional services may include mold removal, undercoating wheel wells, and air conditioning system cleaning. The extra benefits you can choose will also affect the cost of your car’s detailing. 

Safety precautions to take during auto detailing

Before beginning an auto detailing job, it is essential to remember to use personal protective equipment. Detailers should wear safety glasses, disposable gloves, and body suits. They should also have hand sanitizer handy to clean themselves and the surfaces they touch after each vehicle. Detailers should also keep track of their surroundings and park in shaded areas during hot weather. This way, they can ensure the safety of themselves, their clients, and their cars.

Tools used in auto detailing

Various tools are required to complete car detailing. There are different types of detailing tools available for other purposes. You can use a vacuum or a blower to remove interior crud and clean the vehicle’s carpet.