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Concrete Cutting

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Most driveways are made of concrete. It is installed and polished to give a nice finish which is also functional to have outside. The concrete can withstand weather changes and still stay intact. This is one of the main reasons that it is commonly used. However, it might eventually have wear and tear so that you have to replace it. This is where concrete cutting comes in.

To remove concrete, you must first cut it and loosen it so it can come off your driveway. To do this, you must:

Get the Right Tools

As with any job, you need the right tools if you plan on cutting concrete. You might choose to use a sledgehammer for the process. This is only viable if you have four inches of concrete or less. It would not work on reinforced concrete. Additionally, you must be prepared to exert some effort and engage in some manual labor. However, if this is not your cup of tea, you can move on to the circular revolving saw. This is specifically manufactured for cutting concrete. It is a power tool and should therefore be handled carefully if you do not want to get injured in the process. You can also use pneumatic jack hammers, hammer drills or electric breakers to cut your concrete driveway.

Wear Safety Equipment

Concrete cutting is a dangerous process. You could get injured while using the power tools or you could end up with various health problems because of dust. The process produces a lot of dust which can easily get into your lungs causing short term respiratory problems or long term lung complications. The dust can also irritate the skin. Additionally, it can lead to loss of sight if it gets into your eyes. This is why you need to have the needed safety equipment to stay protected. The concrete contractor must always have the necessary safety equipment. The items you need are:

  • Safety goggles for your eyes
  • Gloves for your hands
  • Steel-toed boots to protect your feet
  • Overalls to protect the rest of your body

With this equipment, you can now proceed to cut your concrete. This involves marking out your driveway for the spots of concrete you want to remove. Follow this up with a clear initial cut to loosen the concrete and then a final cut to remove the concrete.

Find Concrete Disposal Services

There are companies that offer concrete cutting equipment. You can hire these out if you would like to carry out the process on your own. Most of these companies also offer concrete cutting services just like You can find one easily in Ann Arbor if you would like to get a professional to do it then find one. This way, you do not have to place yourself in harm’s way. Finally, these companies also offer concrete disposal services. This is a specialized service because it causes complications with incineration if it is disposed of the normal way.


Concrete cutting can be quite dangerous so you need to adhere to every safety precaution. This ultimately starts with choosing the right tools.