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What is Car Detailing?

Car Detailing is a very common service that is conducted to maintain the overall good looks of a car. Detailing is a form of cleaning and maintaining a car or a truck by removing unnecessary materials that cause harm to the internal working parts of the vehicles. Car Detailing can be performed on a daily basis or occasionally on weekends or holidays. It can also be done for a variety of reasons like cleaning of interiors of the vehicles after parties, regular maintenance and repairs, etc. Car detailing is a specialized activity of routinely doing processes and operations that keep the car in its top most condition, particularly on the cosmetic aspect, rather than just mechanical.

For any car detailing work, the main thing you need air brushes, air cleaners, polish, mops, polishes, wax, towels, brushes, vacuums, mats, sealants, and waxes. A basic cleaning process is usually done of the paint of the vehicle. This is usually done once every month for normal cars and it can be done more often if necessary for your car look better than ever. But regular cleaning will ensure the car’s paint to be free from any unnecessary damages and it will also prevent it from developing scratches and damages.

Car Detailing professionals have various methods of car detailing to do so. The first method is washing the vehicle with warm soapy water, followed by dry cleaning it. You can either have the washing done by a professional or use your own homemade washing solution. Use of homemade solutions to wash the paintwork of your car is not recommended as it may leave scratch marks on the paintwork.

Many Car Detailing Companies offer washing services as well. Many companies offer to wash and waxing services for those customers who want to maintain their car detailing at home. Car wash and wax services are usually carried out in the parking lot of the car detailing shop. Customers are expected to undress and submit themselves before a professional cleaner arrives. A car dealer then cleans the car using chemical-free solutions and hand tools to remove all the dirt and dust from the car’s surface.

The residue left behind after the car wash is then vacuumed and cleaned using a grime extractor machine. The grime extractor machine is designed to pick up and save all kinds of dirt, grease, rust and pollen that can otherwise clog the vacuum lines and damage the paintwork of the car. Many Car Detailing Companies also offer detailing night services where the customer can come to the detailing shop and have all the dirt removed from the car using this equipment.

A car detailing company uses different techniques to clean the exteriors of the car. Many Auto Detailing Companies do exterior car detailing to prevent spotting of the vehicles. Spotting happens when dirt gets trodden into the paintwork of the car and causes the color to fade or get bleached. Exterior detailing is done to protect the vehicles against these kinds of circumstances. There are many techniques used for exterior detailing.

Some companies use an electrostatic precipitation process for wet washing which is a less abrasive technique to washing the exteriors of the vehicles. Washing can also be manual or automatic depending on the type of vehicle, the client’s preferences and the detailer’s skills. Manual washing can sometimes be difficult for some detailers as there are times when the client wants their vehicles to be spotless. The client will require the detailer to wash the car manually using manual washing machines in such cases.

Some Car Detailing shops use a solution of soap and water to wash the wheels. The process involves washing the wheels using a detergent with soap in it so that the wheels get thoroughly cleansed and rinse away. This method does not allow for much wear and tear on the wheels. All the detailing shops need are rubber washers for washing the wheels. A rubber washer has a rotating head on it that helps remove all the dirt from the wheel without leaving any spots.